Mykonos Vs Melbourne Nightlife

Booking Mykonos for the last leg of our trip to Europe meant that my friend and I could relax and unwind before we flew back home to Melbourne. Although to an extent, that is what we did, most mornings were spent sleeping in, recovering from the night out we’d had the night before.

Though we’d done our fair share of clubbing back home, it turns out that clubbing in Mykonos is something completely different and we weren’t at all prepared. Here’s why:

Arrival time
Melbourne: The average Melbourne club peaks at around 10-10:30pm. If you arrive any earlier, you’ll probably be one of the first people there. Which is usually not ideal.

Mykonos: Clubs open up a lot later in Mykonos, in fact, we got to a particular club at 1am and that was considered early. There’s definitely time to fit in a nap between dinner and going out, and still have time to pre drink too.

Club entry
Melbourne: Line up (sometimes for a little while if it’s busy) and pay your entry fee, save some money by using a guest list if you can.

Mykonos: Generally a similar kind of system, except when big name DJ’s are playing. If that is the case, you need to pre-purchase your tickets. You usually get a ‘club branded’ singlet thrown in though (yay freebies!!)

Closing time
Melbourne: Local clubs usually shut around 3am, although there’s definitely exceptions to this rule (Exhibit A: Revolver, Tramp Jungle, etc). The lights are turned on and you’re encouraged to go home. Or to McDonald’s, whatever’s closer.

Clubs are in full operation until the sun comes up basically. Also they have swimming pools at the clubs? I think this is an idea we can take back to Melbourne with us, imagine how handy that’d be on a 40 degree (celsius) day!

Getting home
Melbourne: When it’s time to call it a night, you wave down a taxi and go home. If that fails, you wait till 5am for the first train. Or you can now catch an Uber or Night Rider bus (at your own risk).

There’s a small handful of taxis, but if you miss that, you’re on your own. You can walk if it’s close enough or do what we did and hitchhike. In hindsight that could’ve ended really badly, but hey, we made it home alive, so I think we have good judgement of character.

Till next time!



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