Treat Yo Self: 15 ways to reward yourself that don’t result in guilt

Ever since the day I first saw that glorious episode of Parks and Recreation (for those of you who don’t know, educate yourselves and watch this) the words ‘Treat Yo Self’ have become a part of my everyday vocabulary.

It’s pretty much become my go-to response to justify all the times that I splurge on clothes/pyjamas/makeup/unnecessary items that I want, but probably shouldn’t buy because my bank account will hate me (e.g. The 12 disc Lord of The Rings box set extended edition)

I strongly believe that treating yourself every now and then is definitely something everyone should do.

Whether you’ve made it to the end of the longest week of your life or you’ve just been having a really tough time; taking the time to reward yourself is a great way to give yourself the appreciation that you need but might not necessarily be getting.

However, there’s definitely good and bad ways of treating yourself.

For example: Me going to the gym and then rewarding myself with binge eating half a packet of Tim Tams would fall into the ‘bad’ category.

Why, you may ask? Because as delicious as those Tim Tams may be (ugh now I really want some Tim Tams) they are not beneficial to me in any way, in fact, it’s behaviour that in the long term, would have the opposite affect on me and my health.

There are plenty of ways that we can look after ourselves without the guilty feeling of overindulging or overspending, so here’s a list of a few you can try out as we wind down for the weekend.

1. Have a bath
There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home after a long, tiring day of work and jumping into a nice hot bath. Just add a funky smelling bath bomb from Lush + candles + you’re favourite tunes (and if you’re up for it, a cheeky glass of wine) and soak until your fingers/toes get wrinkly.

2. Go for a walk/run
Okay, so I’m not a fan of jogging (see example A and B, again courtesy of Parks and Rec) walking however, I can do.  Not only will the fresh air do you wonders, but you’ll be doing something healthy for your body too. If you have a four legged friend, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the exercise and the company.

3. Take a nap
Do you know any of those people (me) who complains that they’re tired at least 50 times a day? Chances are it’s because you’re not getting enough sleep (me again). Do your body a favour and take a nap for a least 90 minutes, that’s a full sleep cycle; if you’re short on time, click the link above for some alternatives. Get into your favourite pyjamas and get rid of any distractions to give you some uninterrupted shut -eye.

4. Have a movie/tv show marathon
Round up your favourite genre or series of movies/tv shows, make yourself a bowl of (healthy-ish) popcorn or any other relatively healthy snack of your choosing, and curl up in front of the tv with the comfiest blanket you can find.If you need any suggestions and you HAVEN’T seen Parks and Rec, you should 100% watch that.

5. Go for a drive
When you really need to just get out of the house, but without the physical activity side of things, go for a drive somewhere. Find a nice lake or somewhere scenic to go to take your mind off of things. My personal favourite is driving up to the
Dandenong Ranges.

6. Take a day off
Sometimes when you’re completely burnt out, you just need a day to recover and start afresh. Have a sleep in, wake up late and cook yourself a big breakfast at midday. Don’t do anything productive at all.. Stay in bed all day if that’s what you want. Spend the entire day just doing what YOU want Just take it easy on yourself and reset.

7. Go to the beach
I don’t know about you, but nothing takes my mind off everything like listening to the ocean and watching the waves crash. Just sit for as long as it takes for you to feel better.

8. Change your sheets
I know that this is one of the most tedious tasks, (you could probably even class it as physical activity), but the feeling of jumping into bed after you’ve just put on some fresh sheets is the best! Plus your mum will be proud of you.

9. Read a book
Take the opportunity to start that book series your friend’s been raving about. Or pick up that book that’s been sitting on your side table being neglected by you for months. It’s so much better for you than staring at the screen of your iPhone/iPad/Macbook or other electronic devices.

10. Listen to a podcast
I was super late to jump on the podcast train, but ever since my boyfriend introduced me to some decent ones, I’ve been hooked! Lay down somewhere comfy and just get consumed by what you’re listening to. I loved Serial seasons 1 + 2, and Reply All.

11. Play with your pets
Go find your favourite furry friend and give them a snuggle or throw a ball around with them. If you don’t have any pets, visit a local shelter. There’s heaps of good boys and girls there that would love a cuddle from you.

12. Listen to your favourite album
Make yourself a playlist or get out your vinyl player and choose a few classics to put on. Sing along or dance to it and don’t be embarrassed. Music is very therapeutic.

13. Cook yourself something yummy
Bonus points if it’s somewhat healthy too. Put some music on while you cook and then sit yourself down with something fun to watch while you eat afterwards, super rewarding!

14. Visit a park
My favourite thing to do when the weather is nice is to go to a park or lake or somewhere scenic; put down a picnic blanket and just watch the clouds. Or people watch. Whichever seems more interesting at the time. I could do it for hours!

15. Get a massage
Okay, this is probably the most expensive item on the list but who doesn’t feel absolutely AH-MAZING after a massage? Make sure to target areas that have been causing you pain or have been sore.


Do you have any suggestions that I’ve missed? What are your favourite healthy rewards? I would love to hear them in the comments!

Have a restful and happy weekend everyone!

– K


34 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self: 15 ways to reward yourself that don’t result in guilt

  1. I’m a huge Parks & Rec fan and ever since I first watched the episode I love any excuse to treat myself! I definitely agree with the tip about pets, I love spending time with my cats and dogs to feel more relaxed. They love it, too!

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  2. I love this post! Totally had an out loud giggle at, “For example: Me going to the gym and then rewarding myself with binge eating half a packet of Tim Tams would fall into the ‘bad’ category.” I am all for treating yourself and giving yourself the self care you deserved. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. After weeks of non-stop busy and running around, it is the perfect day for taking the day off from adult life. Well I can’t really take a full day, but I am going to take the afternoon to read a good book.

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