My personal motto is: ‘there’s nothing a cup of tea can’t fix’.

If I’m stressed/sad/tired/sick I’ll have a cup of tea and somehow feel better.

I was very fortunate to be sent a type of tea I hadn’t yet tried; Oolong Tea by Halmari Tea.

Oolong tea is essentially a traditional Chinese black tea with an array of health benefits to it,  however Halmari have hand-crafted this tea to create beautiful complex layers of aromas and flavours.

The tea I was sent was loose leaf, so I needed to steep the tea before I could drink it. Halmari have provided this helpful guide on their website if you’re not familiar with this process.


Physically, the Oolong tea was quite wiry in terms of the leaves that were used. However, the aroma of the Oolong tea was definitely the first thing I noticed as it smelt amazing! When I finally got to tasting it, the Oolong tea had a smooth, full taste. It falls somewhere  in between black and green tea. You could definitely taste the malty flavour that’s common with Assam teas, but the clean finish left me with no bitter aftertaste.


As well as tasting good, here are some other benefits you can get from drinking Oolong tea (via Lifehack.org)

1. Boosts your metabolism
Oolong Tea helps you burn fat faster by raising your metabolism for up to two hours after drinking it. Oolong also contains polyphenols that are able to block enzymes that build fat.

2.  Lowers Cholesterol 
Oolong is known to reduce cholesterol levels and promote heart health. Because oolong tea is semi-oxidized, it produces a perfectly sized polyphenol molecule that is able to activate the enzyme lipase, which is known to dissolve body fat.

3. Increases Mental Alertness
This healing hot cuppa is known to revitalize your mental alertness and performance, naturally, because it contains caffeine. Be careful if you are sensitive to caffeine and limit your consumption to one lightly steeped cup a day, or indulge a few times a week.

4. Helps Aid Digestion
The tea alkalises the digestive tract, reducing inflammation in those with acid reflux and ulcer problems. Because it is mildly antiseptic, oolong tea can clear bad bacteria from your belly. Its calm, smooth flavor can soothe the stomach when consumed hot.

5. Promotes Healthy Hair
Due to its high level of antioxidants, oolong tea can prevent hair loss if you make a tea rinse out of the leaves. Not only that, but your hair will be thicker and shinier. Oolong softens and adds lustre to your hair.

6. Betters your skin conditions
Eczema often occurs in conjunction with allergies or sensitivities. Oolong tea is able to suppress those allergic reactions because it combats free radicals, which is a healing property of an antioxidant. Also, the antioxidants found in oolong are essential for vibrant, youthful skin. Drinking oolong can greatly slow down the aging process, so it’s a great anti-aging tool.

7. Stabilises blood sugar
Studies have shown that those suffering from diabetes could benefit from drinking oolong which, in studies, has decreased blood glucose to a healthy level.

8. Prevents tooth decay
Both oolong and green tea protect teeth from acid produced by certain bacteria. The production of acid and the growth of bacteria are both inhibited by oolong tea, which means it is effective in preventing tooth decay and build-up plaque.

9. Prevents osteoporosis and forms strong bones
Oolong can protect your bones and prevent osteoporosis. Those who consistently drink oolong tea are less likely to lose their bone mineral density, helping retain minerals from healthy foods consumed. It has been discovered that oolong contains magnesium and calcium in its leaves.

10. Strengthens your immune system
Known for its anti-cancer properties, oolong tea assists in maintaining a healthy immune system. The antioxidant flavonoids found in the tea prevent cellular damage. The production of anti-bacterial proteins is much higher in those who drink oolong tea, indicating a strong immune response when fighting infection.


Halmari Tea are a tea company based in Upper Assam, India, a country I hold very dear to my heart due to my heritage. They are a world leader in tea industry, ranking very highly in India itself, and ranking among the top 9 in the world!

I thoroughly enjoyed trying Halmari Gold Hand Rolled Oolong Tea, and will definitely be looking at the range of Halmari products to try.

If you’re interested in trying some for yourself, check out their website here. They ship internationally and can even send you samples if you spend over $75*

Do you have any flavours of tea you’re crazy about? Let me know in the comments!

That’s all for now, till next time!

– K


*  See website for more details

Website: www.halmaritea.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/halmaritea/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/halmaritea

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78 thoughts on “Kat Meets World Reviews: HALMARI GOLD HAND ROLLED OOLONG TEA

  1. I LOVE Oolong tea! Though I have been living in the U.S. for almost 7 years now, Asian teas are still my go-to hot drinks, my America friends always make fun of me for ordering hot teas even it is 100 degrees outside. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love herbal teas. Growing up my mom was an herbalist and she tested a lot of different theories on me and my brother. LOL, it was fun. I have to say though, you’ve introduced me to a new one I’ve never heard of. Oolong tea sounds like it has a lot of the same medicinal properties as other herbs. I think I’ll have to try it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We have some oolong tea in the cupboard as my fiancé loves it; somehow I’ve never tried it, but I didn’t realise all the benefits there were to it! I’m going to go and make myself a cup!


  4. I might be the odd one here, but I seriously hate teas. I have tried to sip so many versions as it seems like so many people enjoy it, but I can’t get myself to like it. My husband on the other hand, drinks tea twice a day (morning and evening) every single day. I am going to let him know about this one. We tend to have a LOT of teas to try.

    Thrifting Diva


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